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This section is dedicated to helping you find some of the things our town has to offer

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One of the most popular things to do at Ardrossan is to fish. Use the Ardrossan Boatramp for your next fishing trip. The Yorke Peninsula Council have a great resource on fishing. here


Come see some recent pictures of our town. here


Ardrossan is a fantastic place to learn to crab boasting some of the largest Blue Swimmer Crabs in the state. here

Ardrossan Museum

Ardrossan Museum

Some of the Attractions

There are a number of attractions and things to do in Ardrossan and the surrounding region. The Ardrossan Heritage Museum is a must see, open 7 days a week at 14-16 Fifth Street Ardrossan. The museum which opened in 1973 and is housed in what was originally a factory established in 1880 by Clarence H. Smith to manufacture the stump jump plough and other agriculture equipment. The museum also has extensive information and displays on the development of the areas and of the Zanoni shipwreck.

Fishing and crabbing are popular activities for tourists and locals alike with a number of spots to try. Tiddy Widdy Beach and the Ardrossan Jetty are popular with the boat ramp located in town.

The main street is home to a number of shops and cafes to indulge in. For your Instagram shot see the Lookout or the frame located on the clifftop near the town playground.

In the next 12 months we expect to have a pump track and some art trails to detail in this section.

Panoramic Photo of town

Some More Ardrossan Attractions

Some More Ardrossan Attractions

Windara Reef Rock Formation.

Windara Reef Rock Formation

Windara Reef

in the ocean

Know a little about the Windara Reef in Ardrossan? Contact us to help us fill out this section.

34˚30.496” South, 137°53.953” East
34˚30.604” South, 137°53.949” East
34˚30.499” South, 137°54.083” East
34˚30.607” South, 137°54.079” East

More about Windara Reef can be found out on the Yorke Peninsula Council Website here.
as well as the PIRSA website here.

Fishing and Boat Launch

28 rowe terrace, ardrossan

The Ardrossan Boat ramp is located near the Bulk Loading Jetty on the southern edge of town.
Fees do apply to launch your craft. There is a ticket machine located at the boat ramp prior to launch.

Ardrossan Boat Ramp

Ardrossan Dual Launch Boat Ramp

Zanoni Wreck

Wreck of the Zanoni

Zanoni Boat Wreck

in the ocean

The Zanoni wrecksite comprises one of the most complete remains of a vessel of its type and age to be located in South Australian and possibly Australia. 

The wrecksite is in 18 metres of water lying on a barren sea bed. Numerous types of fish inhabit the wrecksite which is covered by sponges. It consists of the enture length of the vessel, lying over on its port hull. The middle part of the vessel has collapsed, with most fo the starboard hull lying on top the the flattened port hull. The fore and mainmast have broken and lie on the sea bed adjacent to their respective stumps. 

The Zanoni has been declared a Historic Shipwreck under the Historic Shipreck Act 1981. A Protected Zone of 550 metres has been set up around the shipwreck, and all activities - even taking a boat into the zone - are prohibited unless a permit is obtained. Permits are issued to divers to view the wrecksite provided they abide by certain conditions. A buoy has been set up near the wrecksite and all authorised dive boats must moor to this buoy.

To purchase a permit, please contact the Department of Environment and Water - https://www.environment.sa.gov.au/topics/heritage/maritime-heritage/managing-maritime-heritage/protected-zones/Zanoni

Many artefacts that have been retrieved from the wreck of the Zanoni can be viewed at the Ardrossan Museum.

Biggest silos in Australia when built in 1952.